C++ Shopping Cart Console Application

The following project is the Shopping Cart console application named Wesmart. Wesmart is an in-person item store based in New Jersey, United States of America. Wesmart sells the following type of Items in the store inventory: Juice, Milk, Book, VideoGame, and ToyCar. Wesmart takes the following payment methods: MasterCard Debit/Credit, VISA Debit/Credit, and PayPal. Tax information on items sold from the store's inventory is based on the 2019 state taxes for the state of New Jersey.

The following solution is written by Wesley Dzitzer using Visual Studio 2019. This application project was started on 11/13/2019. Version 1.0 of this application was debugged/completed on 11/18/2019.

This application runs through the console taking in user input. The user input is translated from an integer value to the console. Output from the console gives the user each menu selection and brief instructions as to how to use the application. The user must follow the input selection instructions correctly. All integer user input values are checked as the user is active in the console application.

To review this project, visit the repository from my GitHub profile.